Tuesday, 20 November 2007

ACM Search with the Keywords "document summarization context"

I am currently looking at the ACM database of papers. I am using the keywords "document summarization context." There are more than 200 results. The following are some of the first 20 results returned.

Due to the volume of papers it might be a better idea for me to use CiteSeer to take into account the popularity of papers.

Summarization: multidocuments and new applications: A compositional context sensitive multi-document summarizer: exploring the factors that influence summarization
Ani Nenkova, Lucy Vanderwende, Kathleen McKeown
August 2000

Information fusion in the context of multi-document summarization
Regina Barzilay, Kathleen R. McKeown, Michael Elhadad
June 1999

A study for documents summarization based on personal annotation
Haiqin Zhang, Zheng Chen Wei-ying Ma, Qingsheng Cai
May 2003

Summarizing scientific articles: experiments with relevance and rhetorical status
Simone Teufel, Marc Moens
December 2002

Web retrieval II (IR): Learning query-biased web page summarization
Changhu Wang, Feng Jing, Lei Zhang, Hong-Jiang Zhang
November 2007

Summarization: Topic themes for multi-document summarization
Sanda Harabagiu, Finley Lacatusu
August 2005

Summary in context: Searching versus browsing
Daniel M. McDonald, Hsinchun Chen
January 2006

Extracting key paragraph based on topic and event detection: towards multi-document summarization
Fumiyo Fukumoto, Yoshimi Suzuki
April 2000

Applying summarization techniques for term selection in relevance feedback
Adenike M. Lam-Adesina, Gareth J. F. Jones
September 2001

Text classification: Web-page classification through summarization
Dou Shen, Zheng Chen, Qiang Yang, Hua-Jun Zeng, Benyu Zhang, Yuchang Lu, Wei-Ying Ma
July 2004

Personalization and retrieval: Summarizing local context to personalize global web search
Paul-Alexandru Chirita, Claudiu S. Firan, Wolfgang Nejdl
November 2006

Multi-document summarization by visualizing topical content
Rie Kubota Ando, Branimir K. Boguraev, Roy J. Byrd, Mary S. Neff
April 2000

Introduction to the special issue on summarization
Dragomir R. Radev, Eduard Hovy, Kathleen McKeown
December 2002

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