Monday, 19 November 2007

Blogging Tools & Hosts

I have been looking around for a tool to write with. I don't want to write on web forms and would prefer a program that would allow me to save a copy of my writing on my computer.

I have tried w.blogger but I have decided not to use it because it does not allow me to enter the title of my post.

I have tried ScribeFire but I have decided not to use it because it feels like it won't scale up for long term use with many postings.

I am currently trying ecto. It allows me set the title of my posting, a minor detail I know. It feels like it will scale up well. It is also supports Wordpress and Blogger.

I have been looking around for a good host because I don't want to spend time on setting up my own server. I quite like Wordpress because it feels right. I am currently using Blogger because I couldn't get the original blogging tools to work with Wordpress. I'll stick with Blogger for a while because it suits my needs although it doesn't feel as right as Wordpress.

I still miss the ability to save my posts to my computer. I know that one way is to backup blog from time to time. Another way is to manually do it but that defeats the purpose of reducing the steps I need to go through to do a posting.

The next blogging tool I intend to try after my two weeks trial with ecto runs out is BlogJet. There are a few others suggested by the lifehacker team.

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