Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Conciousness & Clarity

I've been reading a book by David R. Hawkins called "Power vs. Force," which has presented some ideas that have really resonated with my thinking over the past few months. I have also been writing about some of the difficulties that I have been having problems about in my life.

One problems I was writing about was that there are times that I can see so clearly things in my life that need to be different and then there are times when I am in a completely different state and lose all clarity and forget.

Well after reading a bit of "Power vs. Force" I decide to have a look around for other materials on human consciousness when I stumbled upon a post by Steve Pavlina, who had also been reading the same book. The post was called "Levels of Consciousness." One of the paragraphs really stood out for me,

"When you temporarily experience the higher levels, you can see where you must go next. You have one of those moments of clarity where you understand that things have to change. But when you sink into the lower levels, that memory becomes clouded."

It is another one of those cases of finding what you are looking for. Simple ideas, I know but when you are in a different state, it is so easy to forget.

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