Thursday, 3 April 2008

What are some good project management tools?

It is strange. Sometimes I feel that I have it all figured out and sometimes I just go blank.

The things I am thinking about doing include writing a short discussion on the major ideas in my literature survey, writing a summary of experiments about evolutionary emergent language, replicating and extending an experiment and sketching out a plan.

Right now, the plan is one of the most important things but I do not really know how to approach it. It feels a bit silly, I have done project management subjects and worked on large projects but I still do not feel like I have a good grasp on project management.

I have had a look around and found a large number of project planning software. It may seem silly to go into detail about this but I am going slowly nuts from working without a plan. I have tried simply sketching out a plan but I would really like to have a visual presentation.

The two projects, which seem like appropriate were TaskJuggler and GanttProject. TaskJuggler seems like a more sophisticated choice but it lacks support for windows and has high complexity that requires significant training. GanttProject seems like a simpler alternative as I practise my project management skills. At this point, it really is about figuring out what I am seeking from project management software.

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