Saturday, 29 November 2008


I've noticed that every now and then I seek to go minimalist with software and then I proceed to find minimalist Windows, Linux and other applications such as Emacs.

The popularity of portable applications has made it easier to slim down Windows even further.

I've also been looking for a scan disk alternative since my computer keeps on randomly restarting.

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Interesting Games Related Links:
  • What is a Role Playing Game?

    An old friend of mine used to regularly regale me with tales of wild adventures and wacky antics that he and his compatriots would get up to during their marathon role playing sessions. In between stories of shifting furniture to recreate the bridge of the Enterprise in a share household - while the other flatmates we're trying to watch telly - there was one particular story that really struck me.

  • A Vampyre Story

    At a time when high school vampire romance films can take $7,000,000 USD from midnight showings alone, we are in dire need of champions to prick the pomposity of the vampire mystique. A recent episode of South Park has already savaged vampire fandom. Now, A Vampyre Story can tackle the tropes of the vampire myth itself; and maybe, just maybe, push adventure gaming back into the mainstream.

  • The Vintage Game Preservation Society

    Five minutes later we were at Home of the Underdogs. To me, it was a treasure chest of 16-bit nostalgia. I wasn't just reliving my gaming memories - I was discovering games I'd somehow missed, like the original Prince of Persia, the first seven Ultima installments and the first two Monkey Island games. I found myself thinking about how much money I could get for my Xbox 360; it had, ironically, been rendered obsolete.

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