Saturday, 8 November 2008

Ubuntu, Code::Blocks, Polyworld

I like my IDEs and while emacs and vim are nice, um, I like my IDEs.

I've spent a few years with vim and roughly 30 days with emacs so I do believe I've done my research. My pinky still hurts.

I do intend to go back to emacs or vim at a later date and also to learn to use gdb but for now I'm using Code::Blocks on Ubuntu and then when I've ported Polyworld to Windows, I intend to use MSVC2005.

The Takeaway

Anyways, in Code::Blocks, when you set up a project, to save yourself work, go to the project properties and set it to use the "Makefile" that qmake generates. Then go to the project build options and set it to build "polyworld".

That way you'll save yourself a lot of work setting things up such as dependencies.

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