Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Replacing Drinks with Water


Since Friday, I've tried to only drink water. Strangely, this has been quite difficult to do. I decided to do this because I was determined to stay hydrated during my weekend trip away. I did manage to do this, although I did have a sip or two of coffee, tea and wine here and there. The main thing was that I did stay hydrated.

The nice thing about this was that I reduced my snoring. I suspect that exercising, and taking hay fever medication before bed also helped. The reason for the hay fever medication was that I found out last year that the reason that I sometimes woke up with a dry throat was because my hay fever made breathing though my nose difficult so I breathed through my mouth.

The strange thing is that I've been have what I believe is heart burn. I'm not sure why. I suspect that this could be due to the types of food that I've been eating which has been a high level of protein and carbohydrates. I'm not sure what to do about this yet other than to reduce protein and carbohydrates and increase my vegetables. I'm not doing any strange dieting but rather just noticing what's in my food.

The main reason I'm writing this is that I have been craving drinks other than water. I've especially been craving coffee. I'm not sure why but this is something that I'm determined to replace with water for a while. I guess I want more control and I don't like what coffee does to me. I tend to find that my energy is less predictable, my physical performance reduces, and my complexion is ruddy and dry.

I do wonder how things will go from here. The cravings are persistent.

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