Wednesday, 14 July 2010

HP Mini 210 1036VU

I recently purchased a HP Mini 210 1036VU from JB Hi-Fi. I looked for the cheapest netbooks at the major stores near me including Officeworks, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and JB Hi-Fi. The HP Mini was among the cheapest and best looking.

Getting the netbook is part of my processing of increasing my focus when I'm working that I wrote about a while ago in "How I'm Developing My Focus". Using the internet is something that sometimes gets away from me and I can often spend more time than I intended.

Now when I want internet access, I have to leave my desk and walk over to the netbook where I have to stand to use it. It sounds silly I know but it's helped so far at home and it's beginning to help me at work.

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