Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Developer Journal 8

In regards to the population dying out, it seems that increasing the amount of food available allows the population to get a foothold and keep going.

What I had forgotten was that the last time I worked with a population, I had to nurse it until it had momentum and then I had to make conditions tougher to keep the population size down. I was using the tougher conditions for a new population so the new population could not cope.

The screens oddly bumped up and down whenever I or the agents rotated which was an annoying bug. This took me a while to figure out. When you set the perspective there a four numbers.
  1. field of view
  2. aspect ratio
  3. near
  4. far
Variable near was 0.1f. When I changed it to 1.0f, the screen bumping stopped. There is probably a good explanation for this and I hope to come across it soon.

My focus today is to clean up some more code and then to start integrating ogre code.

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