Monday, 13 December 2010

Developer Journal 16

I've been wondering whether the Apple GUI is available on Windows and Linux.

I had a look around but no luck.

I want class Simulation to only know of class Graphics.

So class Graphics can switch between class GraphicsOgre and GraphicsOpenGL.

Class GraphicsOgre and GraphicsOpenGL can inherit from class GraphicsInterface.

I originally did the selection between class GraphicsOgre and class GraphicsOpenGL in class Sim.

I hope this is not going to come back and bite me.

Hmm, there's a lot of repeat code. Only repeat function headers and not bodies.

Grr. I'm putting bullet objects in smart pointers and there's a mysterious crash.

The crash was because I moved a container to the header file, turned it into a pointer but I didn't initialise it. The hard part was that the crash did not occur anywhere near my usage of the pointer.

Grr. That took me a fair while.

Now to untangle the Bullet and Ogre code. I'm starting off by making the code chunks smaller.

I want Bullet to update my object and then OGRE to render my object.

Grr. I don't want to workout.

Grr. 6:08 pm.

Grr. Bullet and OGRE both use quaternions for rotation.

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