Friday, 11 February 2011

Developer Journal 57

I left the simulation on overnight and you can see that all the robots have fallen over.

12:08 PM
I think I'm going to quit drinking coffee again. I usually only drink a cup or two a day but it leaves my brain feeling slow and tired. It could also be due to using artificial sweetener.

Hmm, I've had 513 posts, 100 drafts, 9725 page views, and 17 ad clicks over an embarrassingly long period. My traffic has been slowly increasing and most people come here for articles where I've written down something that took me way to long to figure out.

Time to prepare for a meeting with my supervisor at 2 PM.

3:30 PM
Need to do more writing but first, need food.

5:50 PM

7:27 PM
Just got back from a nap.

I don't know why this guys has launched into the air but I'd love to know.

9:13 PM
I wrote some code to detect when a robot has tipped over and then set it the right way up. I cleared the robot's forces but I forgot to clear the linear and angular velocities!

Wrote some code to reset robots when they pass through walls and fall off the world.
Okay . . .

9:38 PM
Aah. (0, 0, 0) Was the default position to place robots that have fallen off the world. Changing to middle of world.

At the moment, when a robot falls over, I pick it up and let it float down gently. While it is above the ground, it can't apply force. Sometimes it lands on a block of food, it gets stuck there. Change to robot has to wait till all it's forces are zeroed out.


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