Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Developer Journal 61 - On Visualising Neural Networks

I laid out a neural network. The blue circles are excitatory neurons. Red circles (not there yet) will be inhibitatory neurons. Purple rectangles represent neuron groups. I'll add some synapses soon.

9:35 AM
Clocking in. I'm almost to 10,000 page views! It's not much, but yay! I also found out that the due date for submitting a paper to the AGI 2011 conference has been extended.

There's got to be a better way to work with software and visualization. A way that is more tactile and intuitive.

11:12 AM
I'm working on how to lay out a neural network on a grid.

3:23 PM

Input Excitatory Neurons

6:22 PM

I wish I had a rewind function to see how this guy launched into the air.



  1. Are you submitting anything to AGI?

    Also, when do you hope to complete your PhD? Mind if I ask what your goals are? (You ended a post "Vision Statement"... Was that a pun, or were you working on one?

    Will this project end when you graduate?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I don't mind your questions, indeed, thanks for asking them :)

    I'll be submitting either a two page statement paper or a six page research paper to the AGI conference. I'll have to hustle though, the due date is coming up soon.

    I'll be completing my PhD at the end of this year. After that, my plan is to find a way to support myself so I can continue working on this project. I'm going to see this project through.

    No, pun :), I was just a little tired and drew a blank after I typed those words. I'm working on a vision statement, I want to clearly convey the motivation and outcome of this project.

    The vision statement will be partly for me as well, to help me through the occasional rough times and to help the project stay on track.