Thursday, 3 February 2011

Project Mortality - Completed and Next Actions

Project Mortality

Project Mortality is a game similar to X-COM 1 (1994). It's a personal hobby project using some of the code from Project AGI. I'll be working on it whenever I need a break from Project AGI.

+ Make class GraphicsOgre inherit from class Graphics
+ Enable a way to turn physics off
+ Fix unit rotation
+ Fix units and ground scale
+ Get units to move from grid to grid position
+ Move camera back
+ Move camera up
+ Rotate camera down
+ Implement strafing
+ Add more characters
+ Rotate the cube
+ Display controls on screen
+ Implement move to next and previous characters

+ Implement a way to signal the active character
+ Implement a grid data structure
+ Implement grid-based collision detection
+ Add walls
+ Make some characters neutral non-player characters
+ Make some characters enemy non-player characters
+ Move scene initialization code out of graphics code and into module code
+ Choose high level class structure
+ Take away class Sim::Impl?
+ Make the game start up ready to play.
+ Add fog of war
+ Enable shooting
+ Add end of turn
+ Add end of scene
+ Add time units
+ Add ammo
+ Add unit history
+ Add unit statistics
+ Add weapons
+ Implement mouse controls
+ Implement command controls (opposite of first person controls)
+ Implement cursor

X-COM 1 (1994)

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