Monday, 16 May 2011

Developer Journal 81 - On Boost Serialization

Grr. Linking takes a long time and changing a header file with a serialization function takes a long time to compile.

Linking takes 71 seconds.

Making a change in a header file, genome.h, with a serialization function and compiling takes 78 seconds.

I'm looking forward to using a different serialization library.

Strange, loading a vector of floats causes the program to crash. I cleared the vector and the program didn't crash.

I added 123.456f to the vector and the program didn't crash. I suspect that I'm putting a float in that the serialization process can't handle.

I tested against the c++ numeric limits. It passed but the program still crashed.

I replaced my vector with 0.12345f. Works.

0.123456789f. Works.

0.999999999f. Works.

0.000000001f. Works.

What's wrong? Argh!


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