Friday, 3 June 2011

Developer Journal 91

Found the source of the out of range error message. I was accessing a vector that I forgot to serialize.

Next error. The program has a segmentation fault. I forgot to set a pointer in class Robot to class CritParam, class Food to FoodParam and class Genome to GenomeParam.

Next error. Behaviour stops after load. I almost miss the crash errors because they are relatively easy to track down and solve. I spawned a new robot after loading but they seem to sit still as well.

Doesn't seem like a neural network problem at least. I did a quick check by manually setting the output of a neural network. The robot moves as I expect before the load but then does not move afterwards. I also spawn a second robot after the load and the second robot moves just fine.

It could be because I did not restore the mass variable in class Object ...

In Bullet Physics, a mass of zero is an immovable object ...

Yep. That was it.

I've been working for so long on serialization, I've almost forgotten what to do next. Oh. Right. Getting a stable population.


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