Thursday, 23 June 2011

Training Journal - Thursday

Thursday workout. Location, home. Partner, brother.

I got home late today from a long day at uni and I did not want to train. My mind keeps going towards all the other things I should be doing, marking assignments, programming my simulation, writing my thesis, and preparing for my presentation as well as a number of other things.

It's dark and it's cold.

M 100
Set 1, 4 minutes 4 seconds
Set 2, 4 minutes 52 seconds
* Nice improvement here, about thirty seconds quicker than last time
* I'm still feeling mighty tired.

Barbell Dead Lifts
10, 2(20)k
10, 2(20)k
10, 2(20)k, improve form

Barbell Rows
10, 2(12.5)k
10, 2(12.5)k
10, 2(12.5)k, increase reps or weights

Push Ups
10, improve form
* Grr, I still have a lot to improve upon with my push ups

Barbell Shoulder Presses
10, 2(7.5)k
10, 2(7.5)k
10, 2(7.5)k, improve form
* I had to cheat a fair bit with the second and third sets

Barbell Front Squats
10, 2(12.5)k
10, 2(12.5)k
10, 2(12.5)k, improve form
* I wish I had a power rack at home
* Come to think of it, I wish I had a bench at home as well

Barbell Lunges
20, 2(7.5)k, improve form
* I could feel my quadriceps tightening up
* I don't like doing lunges. I just don't


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