Sunday, 16 October 2011

Developer Journal 126

Grr. I realised while in the shower this morning that I had set up the simulation with a 100 by 100 world instead of a 200 by 200 world.

Then when I was at uni I realised I was setting up the gender condition incorrectly. Borrowing an idea from RPG games, same gender robots have to roll below a percentage in order to reproduce. For example if the limit is 50, robots have to roll in the range 1 to 100 and get below 50.

The problem was I was rolling in the range 1 to the limit. Yep. Moving on.

To be extra geeky, I'm changing it around. Robots have to roll above the threshold. For example if the percentage is 75, robots have to roll above 75 to succeed in reproducing if they are the same gender.

So much dumbness. First, the threshold was already at my limit because of serialization so even though I wanted it to start at 1 and then increase it wouldn't. Second, I was using the wrong timer to periodically increase the limit. If you program while you're tired or distracted, you're a bl#$$y idiot.

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