Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Developer Journal 138

Today's task, update genome data when the genome configuration file changes.

My plan is to go through one gene at a time in the configuration file, and see whether it is in the genome data. If it is not, then I'll make the appropriate changes. For example, if there is are new genes for a new input group in the configuration file, I'll add the genes to the genome and generate what I'm calling the secondary genes.

Each neuron group has a bias gene and a bias learning rate gene.

In addition each neuron group has potential connections to every other group and vice versa. For each potential connection there is a connection density gene, a learning rate gene, and a topological distortion gene.

Whoa, each robot has about a megabyte of data.

The following error took me a long time to work out because of a serialization.

for( int j = 0; i < numGene; ++j )

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