Monday, 7 July 2008


I've been trying for a while now to put into words what I'm doing. It's been a process of continually refining the direction.

At the moment I'm refining the theory and practical details to develop an AI program that is capable of automatically and continually acquiring, using and communicating tangible and intangible concepts through natural interaction.

The reason for this is it is a necessary foundation for open-ended development.

Part of developing the theory has involved deciding between a design approach or an emergent approach. Much of the theory that I have been looking at has emphasised the move away from design and towards emergence.

The result is that the practical side of my research is now about developing appropriate problem conditions for the desired behaviour to emerge. It was a paper by Stefano Nolfi that really helped to put a lot of my intuitive feelings into words and led towards this direction.

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