Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A good forum to hang out in

I've been looking around for a good forum to hang out in and I considered forums about books, games and movies. It then came to me that one of the forums I like to hang out in is The site provides interesting reviews and commentary but the main reason I like the forum is because it is where people create stories, making it different to forums about books, games and movies. A good example is this post which highlights an ongoing campaign in one of my favorite settings, Hunter.


  1. Is that pay per click? I have tried several sites and it's like waiting for a rain in a desert. It requires a very long time and patience to earn. I am not interested with this kind of gimmick anymore. Thanks anyway!

  2. Hi "en iyi forum",

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message :) is just a forum for talking about role playing games. There's no pay per click system as far as I know.