Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Title Forthcoming

As I was looking up which of the following was correct, "doesn't" or "does'nt", I stumbled upon an interesting article by Billy Joy over at Wired titled, "Why the future doesn't need us." In regards to why I was looking up how to spell "doesn't", I sometimes get mind blanks. Wikipedia has an entry on the article which includes a look at the criticisms and the aftermath of the article.

Whoa, Bill Joy was the developer of vi! I like how Bill noted that Unix was a "success disaster" that led to him not finishing his PhD.

I followed a link off the article to a blog by Chris Anderson, Wired's magazine editor in chief, who wrote an interesting post about how the next big thing in technology will be in the area of energy rather than IT. Wired Magazine is an interesting publication that from time to time has articles which resonates with my own thoughts. Wikipedia has an interesting entry on Wired. There is also an interesting entry on a term that Chris Anderson coined, The Long Tail.

As I had look around on wired, I came across a good article on Fable II by Nate Ralph, detailing a poignant moment where control was lost and and the challenge was not slaying monsters but rather living with the consequences. I like how Nate pointed out that the game mechanics were transparent, this made the game weaker but the player's companion, a dog, added something special to the game.

On an unrelated note, after I read a review on The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, I decided to check out some other articles on the site. There was an article on why the movie Max Payne did so badly which included a few notes on the upcoming Chun Li movie. There was in image there of Kristin Kreuk that was okay but I was impressed when I found another picture on IGN where it seemed like the movie could work. There was also a picture of Robin Shou which looked quite cool.

This of course, got me thinking about Robin Shou who has an interesting history. Over the years there have been a few Asian actors that I have tried to keep an eye out for in addition to actors such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa. Those actors are Robin Shou, Dustin Nguyen, Russel Wong, Jason Scott Lee and Rick Yune. It freaks me out that Robin Shou was born in 1960, making him 48 this year.

As I was reading about Rick Yune, I noticed that there was an Alone in the Dark II movie! Thankfully Uwe Boll is only producing and not directing this movie.

Now, on the topic of movies, I've been thinking about checking out some of the classics such as Casablanca and also classics of film noir of which I've only experienced a little of here and there. I've always been interested in dark, gritty settings and I'm looking forward to exploring this area further.

Since I was goofing off, I had a quick peek over at Cracked for any interesting articles, which there almost always is.

7 Terrible Early Versions of Great Movies
This is actually quite an insightful piece.

9 Simple Requests for Our Robot Overlords
This is quite a polite article.

6 "Non-Lethal" Weapons That'll Make You Wish You Were Dead
This is quite a scary article.

The 10 Most Bizarre Military Experiments
Yup. Wired Magazine has a related article titled, Say Hello to the Goodbye Weapon.

The 35 Most Insane Halloween Costumes from Around the World
Um ... you have to look, because I can't quite explain.

The 7 Most Easily Escapable Movie Monsters
I know you've at one time or another sat there and pondered such things.

The 5 Most Badass Presidents of All-Time
One of my favourite articles on Cracked. Badass.

5 People You've Never Heard of Who Saved the World
As I was looking for the article on The 5 Most Badass Presidents of All-Time, I came across this article. I swear, I learn more about history from Cracked than from anywhere else. Um ...

On another unrelated note, Armed Assault is another game that I am adding to my list after reading a review by Eurogamer.

On the topic of games, Game Trailers has a fantastic series of video retrospectives on important games such as Fallout, Star Wars, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy.

Thinking about these games makes me want to work on my own game, Mortality™.

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