Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A few more AI articles from Slashdot

  • A.I. and Robotics Take Another Wobbly Step Forward posted by ScuttleMonkey

    CWmike writes to tell us that artificial intelligence and robotics have made another wobbly step forward with the most recent robot from Stanford. "Stair" is one of a new breed of robot that is trying to integrate learning, vision, navigation, manipulation, planning, reasoning, speech, and natural language processing.

    One of the commentators, linhares, suggested the following references

    - Douglas Hofstadter's "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies"

    - Kemp's MIT thesis

  • Daemon posted by samzenpus

    The book introduces us to Matthew Sobol, genius software engineer and creator of one of the world's most popular MMOs. Sobol is dead when the book begins, having succumbed to brain cancer. But it quickly becomes apparent that while Sobol has moved on out of this life, his code has lived on and his death has triggered events that rapidly take a life of their own. Sobol's code is working so some unknown end and murder is part of the program.

    julesh suggested

    - Charlie Stross's Halting State

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