Tuesday, 30 March 2010

How to Fix Ubuntu Install Error - Blank Screen / Monitor Frequency out of Range


On Sunday 14th March 2010, I had one of those days where I spent a large chunk of my day trying to set up a new computer and an operating system. I had recently bought four second hand computer systems and I was trying to install Ubuntu.

Unfortunately whenever I tried to install a problem would occur and I would either get a black screen or a frequency out of range error message from my monitor. I tried heaps of things. I was getting quite out of my mind because I had already spent hours failing to make a bootable USB and then hours with a problem with the ide cable between the motherboard and the DVD drive.

Eventually I gave up but then I remembered that when I tried using System Rescue CD I had the same problem until I tried different graphics drivers. I then remembered that Ubuntu has a graphics safe mode install option, accessible by pressing F4 from the install menu and it worked!

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