Friday, 19 November 2010

Developer Journal 11

I spent most of yesterday attending to some personal matters and most of today updating my blog. I focused on reducing clutter on the blog and also on adding a few advertisements. I added links to books I'm reading, recommend, and plan to acquire. I hope that they're not too distracting and possibly even useful.

I drew a fair bit of inspiration from a few of my favorite blogs including Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Coding Horror.

There's something magical about starting work early, getting a fair chunk out of the way.

I find it hard sometimes to reign in my internet usage so I've developed techniques to help me. I wrote a while back about a few techniques in "How I'm Developing My Focus". Something that I'm trying to do now is to only keep one tab open. As I use the internet, I keep notepad open to write down things I'd like to look up later one. I've been surprised how often I need to open a secondary tab to look things up.

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