Tuesday, 23 November 2010

OpenCog Project for Non-Player Game Character AI

A friend forward me a link to an opengcog project to develop AI for non-player game characters. I've been aware of this project for a while but I don't agree with their approach. I prefer using genomes, neural networks, and bodies instead of disembodied hand programmed knowledge.

The following quote was interesting:

"...in order for the AGI field to really take off explosively (as, say, genomics did in the 1990s or space research did in the 1960s), it will likely be necessary for someone to create a “Sputnik of AGI” – an AGI software system that displays palpable general intelligence, in a context that renders it strikingly comprehensible and apparent to the untrained observer. Video games seems a domain well-suited for the “AGI Sputnik” achievement..."

That got me thinking. What if there was a game that required you to program AI for characters?

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