Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Developer Journal 17

11:43 am.

There are a few things I'm worried about.

I don't know whether using Bullet and OGRE will slow things down too much.

I don't know whether using Bullet and OGRE will be worth it.

I don't know whether I can get the simulation, Bullet, and OGRE working in "time", whatever that means.

(control l moves the current line in Emacs to the middle of the screen.)

I don't know whether there will be unforseen problems.

Bullet and OGRE use quaternions for rotations. Position is fine because Bullet and OGRE use x, y, and z.

What is w in a quaternion rotation?

OGRE is okay because I can use yaw(), pitch(), and roll().

What about Bullet?

Looks like you call btRigidBody::setAngularVelocity().

Sometimes you just have to have faith that you will solve the problem later so that you can take a break now.

So I'll have to change from 3 to 4 element vectors. I don't know how much this will affect things.

Tried to print w, x, y, and z in quaternions.


Added -O0 compiler flag.
Thanks Old Nabble.

I can put a quaternion into OGRE and get back a euler.

How about putting some pointers to Bullet objects in my data object?

Do I put btRigidBody or btMotionState in my data object?

I should do some Bullet tutorials but there doesn't seem to be any straightforward ones.

Try btRigidBody.

Too many classes link with class gobject.

Time to move Bullet code out of class GraphcsOgre.

4:37 pm

Grr. Things take so long.

Grr. I've been moving Bullet code out of class GraphicsOgre and it's one of those things you can't make small changes and test. I've had to make big changes and test. I've got a blank screen.

It's 6:10pm. I don't want to stop and go workout.

Cool. I moved the camera too much before.

Grr. Still no asteroids are appearing.

I wasn't add astroids to class PhysicsBullet.

6:25pm. Awesome. The astroids appeared. I've separated the Bullet and OGRE code.

Time to stop. I should have been committing code as I worked.

Tomorrow I'll change from astroids type physics to cubes in a box physics so that I can integrate with my agent code.

I updated the batch files for building and running.

Ooh. Doing a commit feels nice.


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