Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Developer Journal 18

12:30PM. One of the hardest things I find is putting distractions aside. From the internet, to iTunes, and to electronic fiction books.

I hate the beginning of a work day, the disorientation that takes a fair while to work through, and for the brain to warm up.

The cubes are in space and the only force is the gravity between them. What if I turn off that gravity?

The cubes don't move at all.

I want just normal gravity.

There's got to be tutorials for this stuff.

Hmm, not really. Time to look at the demos.

Ooh. BasicDemo.cpp calls btDiscreteDynamicsWorld::setGravity();

Hmm. I've set the gravity but nothing is moving.

Could be a difference between how BasicDemo sets up objects and how I have.

Prefer composition over inheritance.

Grr. I can feel a small ache in my left knee. Will have to rest it for a few more days.

I had a line that set gravity to 0 right after my line to set gravity to 0, -10, 0. That doesn't sound grammatically correct.

Grr. I can't get my blocks to drop down under the influence of gravity.

My cube is moving in the physics engine but not showing up in the graphics engine.

I hate having WorkRave tell me to take regular breaks but I have to or else my trapezius dorsi muscle will hurt.

The cube is moving in the graphics engine to but too quickly.

Grr. I can feel myself looking around for distraction.

I have to change my pc fan. It's driving me crazy whenver I do any intensive work.


Seriously. Where has the time gone?

Adding a ground helped. I want to see things happen in slow motion like BasicDemo.


Now to add a graphic for the ground.

I remember how quickly Quake loaded up.


Grr. Took me ages but my cube was too big so I could not see it.

Always fun to load a ninja mesh.

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