Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Developer Journal 26

* Added another agent.
* Got agents to start in random locations.
* Went from 2 agents to 64.

* Fix how agents all move the same.


One of my pet peeves is how people who don't care about a service or product are able to get in a position where they have power over people who do. You can see this happening again and again in games development, as well as science and technology research.

One of my goals is to develop an interface for controlling the physical behavior of a robot. For example, having a function that can bend a knee and another function that can bend an elbow. I can't wait!

I also can't wait to develop a way to interact with the program in real time without having to recompile.

I just re-enabled the compiler switch to display all warnings. Whoa.

Even though I'm using the OGRE engine, things don't look as nicely as they do in the Bullet demos.

The agents seem to all move the same. Strange.

Try stopping agent 0 from moving.

That worked.

I suspect it's because they all have similar linear and angular force and they have similar linear and angular speed limits.

Changing linear force multiplier from 32 to 16.

No big difference.

Changing from 16 to 8. They're moving more slowly and consequently in smaller circles.

Changing from 8 to 4.

Even slower.

I wish I could do this in real time!

The following is one of the images that inspires me. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I got it and who created it but I'd love to find out to thank them.

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