Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Developer Journal 30

* Created another view port.
* Increased angular force from 20 to 32.
* Increased angular force from 32 to 64.
* Connect a camera to agent movement.

* Connect view port to agent vision input.
* Add food
* Re-enable serialization.
* Get agent populations surviving again.
* Have a neuron for rotating left and another neuron for rotating right.
* Have a neuron for moving forwards and another neuron for moving backwards.
* Add code to reset a cube that is not on its "feet".
* Increase heights of walls.
* Get shadows working properly.
* Implement command controls.
* Implement FPS controls.
* Re-enable communication.
* Conduct gender experiments.
* Conduct maturation experiment.
* Experiment with joints and more advanced body shapes.
* Make the graphics look more like the demos in Bullet.


Feeling very unmotivated.

Can you use the Kinect with augmented reality technologies?

Interesting. The downwards force I applied prevents me from rotating on the spot.

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