Friday, 4 February 2011

Developer Journal 51

My little guy zooming around under the power of Bullet Physics

7:25 PM
Working on code to enable robots to touch and eat food. Need to re-enable code to manually control a robot to get that robot to touch an object to trigger a collision.

7:44 PM
Got the manual control working again. Now to trigger a collision.

8:03 PM
For some reason, I can sometimes pass through a wall. Can't fix that right now. Will add some code to re-position robots that fall off the world.

8:47 PM
Need to look up ram drives to speed up compiling time. The next few actions are removing my hard coding of objects in the physics and graphics code, adding a piece of food, and triggering an event when robots touch food.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Binh,

    I was led to these ideas by courses that I took during undergrad. Not CS courses -- they were surprisingly off the mark, in my opinion -- but rather psych and cog sci courses. The theories some of my professors proposed fell apart at the technical level, but I think they were on the mark about how the brain works.

    This is a personal project for me, although I hope it will turn into something bigger. I am in law school so I do not have tons of free time, but I will be taking a leave of absence next year in part to work on this.

    Thanks for linking the video, and good job on your recent progress!