Monday, 7 February 2011

Developer Journal 53

All of my robots either fell over or went over the walls that block off the edge of the world after I ran the simulation over night.

1:54 PM
Clocking in. I felt really tired this morning. I dropped my brother off at school and came home to nap but couldn't get to sleep. After a while, I got up and took care of some car maintenance and headed into uni. Sometimes there are periods where things keep popping up and keep you from work. There were a few unpleasant tasks that I had to get done this morning and I suspect that part of myself was trying to put them off as long as I could.

Having my work environment up and ready to go is nice. Although, Emacs is sluggish because I left the simulation running overnight and there were a lot of output messages. The debugger window is probably too full. Would be great to have a way to reset it. Closing and starting the debugger window again seems to do it.

Having a next actions list up and ready for use also helps a lot.

3:00 PM
I want to set the food color to green. Would be great to do with code but I don't know how. Couldn't find anything in the API and forums. Looks like I'll have to use a material. Wish I could do more of this without coding.

Testing out a test texture

The bad thing is if you set the parameters of Ogre::Material, they apply for everything that uses it.

4:16 PM
Mating bonanza!

4:25 PM
How do I change from a cube to a cylinder in Ogre? I could cheat by using a cylinder in Bullet but continue to use a cube in Ogre.

6:23 PM
Yep. Cheating seems the way to go. Tried a sphere in Ogre but it came out black. The pre-fab sphere works ok.

Unfortunately, my physics debug drawing only draws straight lines.

8:44 PM
You can't set call btRigidBody::setCenterOfMassTransform() each frame.

9:34 PM
Clocking off.

11:00 PM
Still going. Getting hungry.

12:05 AM
Tomorrow. Tomorrow.


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