Tuesday, 1 March 2011

2011 Artificial General Intelligence Conference

I blinked and 11 days passed since I last posted. I just finished writing my submission to the 2011 Artificial General Intelligence Conference. Fingers crossed.

The last line of the abstract makes me feel funny, but I'm just talking about what the development such an AGI would mean.

Simulating Human-Like Robots and Environments to Evolve Artificial General Intelligence

This paper discusses the approach of using simulated human-like robots and environments to evolve artificial general intelligence (AGI). An AGI that can cope with human-like embodiments and environments, that can walk, talk, adapt, and act with human-like commonsense will be an important milestone in AGI development. Such an AGI will provide enormous insights into intelligence and have the potential to assist in the future endeavours of the human race.

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