Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Developer Journal 73

I added a count down between robot bites. Robots have to wait 128 updates before taking another bite. I'd like to change this to a number of seconds.

I added some code to remove objects from the graphics engine. I called Ogre::SceneNode::detachObject(), Ogre::SceneManager::destroyEntity(), and Ogre::SceneManager::destroySceneNode().

The Ogre documentation says I should not call Ogre::SceneManager::destroySceneNode() but I'm not sure what else to do for now.

To remove from the physics engine I called btDynamicsWorld::removeRigidBody().

Getting things finished / good enough is so hard!

Completed Actions
+ Remove view port when robot dies

Next Actions
+ Reduce food size as food energy decreases
+ Move food that has fallen off the world back into the world
+ Enable serialization
+ Remove repetition and fixed values in neural network display code
+ Removed fixed values from view port creation code
+ Make going backwards slower than going forwards
+ Use threshold and activation level / zero level in neurons


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