Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Training Journal

I got to sleep last night about 10.30pm and woke at about 7.30am. I felt tired and I didn't feel like training but I got to the gym. I didn't feel like running so I mainly did treadmill incline walking. I didn't feel like doing dead lifts but I did them anyway. Having a rest day yesterday was great and I'm having another rest day tomorrow.

Actually fitting training into my day and doing training is ridiculously hard. Fitting a training session in on this Thursday is going to be hard since it's going to be a busy day. Starting a training program is hard but actually doing the day to day training is even harder.

There are two exercises I'm particularly bad at and don't enjoy, pull ups and running. They're two exercises I've always wanted to become good at.

I went up a jean size recently and that's freaking me out.

  • 45 minutes treadmill running and incline walking
  • dead lifts 3x8
  • bench presses 3x10
  • squats 3x10
  • crunches 3x20
  • stretches

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