Thursday, 12 May 2011

Developer Journal 80 - On Boost Serialization

For the past few weeks I've been working on my home desktop and on my portable hard disk so I have to set my office desktop up.

I forgot I had to build Boost 1.44 Serialization so my link step took a very long time and failed.

bjam toolset=gcc --with-serialization variant=debug link=shared threading=multi stage

Argh! BJam failed because I forgot to modify the Boost 1.44 Serialization files.


I compiled and linked my program. The compile time was long and the link time was longer, 71 seconds!.

I'm thinking about outputting the results of the compilation step into a text file and then writing a small program to add up the compile time. In Windows I can use ">" to send information to a text file.

The next step is to go through and make sure I'm only serializing important information. Then it's about closing the loop so that the simulation is ongoing.


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