Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Developer Journal 85 - On Boost Serialization

I can't quite seem to focus today. I also had to take an afternoon nap.

On Friday I was working through the things causing the serialization to crash. I kept tracing until a found a few of the causes. One of the causes was serializing the synapse but I couldn't figure out why. I called it quits for the day and went home. Normally I prefer to leave my work at work but I decided to follow up on a few hunches that came to me as I was driving home. Did I need to call the parent constructor in the constructor? No? Can I serialize one single synapse if I turn serialization for everything else of? Yes. Odd.

Could the error be due to using forward declaration? But I did include the header file in the implementation file where I did a BOOST_CLASS_EXPORT().

I'm getting to a point where I should have written my own code for saving the state of the simulation instead of using Boost Serialization.

I'm dreading a little the work still to go to get Boost Serialization working with my system.


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