Thursday, 2 June 2011

Developer Journal 90

Have to close the circle. That's my mantra at the moment. Have to get the simulation to a point where I can keep running it non-stop and without having to restart. And then work in a way without disturbing that. One of my biggest mistakes was not doing that when I switched graphic and physics engines.

Grr. 34 seconds link time on my work computer and about half that on my home computer. I'd love to know why. I'd love to get a more powerful computer.

It's hard to know when to take a break while programming. It's often sooner than you think as you make more and more silly mistakes.

Strange. Ogre crashes now after I do my load. When I load I destroy entities and nodes in Ogre and then I create new ones. The crash happens when I then create a new entity. The documentation says I should not destroy nodes. I disabled where I destroyed notes but I still get a crash.

I get the following error when I load.

0x6735d518 in ZN4Ogre19TerrainSceneManager14createRayQueryERKNS_3RayEm () from d:\agi\polyworld\dist\bin\Plugin_OctreeSceneManager.dll

At least I think it's an error. I also get the message when I start up.

Okay ... the crash is not in Ogre.

Aha! The crash is due to my creating a view port.

Nope. It was due to me creating a camera with a name belonging to another camera.

The texture on the cube is gone after loading. Fixed.

Would love to reduce the dialogue that comes up on engine launch and shutdown. Done.

The orientation on the cube is wrong after loading. Fixed.

The program goes into pause mode after load. So far so good. Then it crashes when I go into run mode. I caught my exceptions so I could not do a back trace. I can't wait to move on from the persistence problem.

Even if I don't catch exceptions I can't do a back trace. Grr. Will continue tomorrow.

what(): vector::_M_range_check


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