Monday, 6 June 2011

Developer Journal 92

I left the simulation running from Friday night until today. The simulation ran fine although there was no reproduction. This is probably due to there not being food in the world. When I went to save, the program crashed. No wonder. I forgot to enable serialization.

I need to work out how to make the simulation run faster. The neural network is too big. There are 64 pixels in the robot view port. That means there are 64 * 3 neurons because of red, green, and blue.

I don't need 3 neurons for every pixel in the view port. I can use the center pixels and use more when I have more processing power.

There are also 16 input and 16 output neurons for communication.

I need a way to set the neural network and view port parameters outside of the code.

I need to work out how to display text so can I check for things like the frame rate.


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