Thursday, 9 June 2011

Developer Journal 95

Hmm. I left the simulation running overnight with the auto-save enabled but my computer crashed and reset before I arrived. There were also no save files. There's something wrong with the auto-save and there is probably some else wrong that caused my computer to reset unless there was a power failure. I'd love to get a backup power supply to cope with such situations.

I need to figure out how prevent a buffer from changing and to compile and run with one button press.

Grr. No wonder. I didn't call the function that was responsible for the auto-save.

Hmm. In Emacs, pressing control delete let's you delete from your current position to the next space or punctuation character. In buffers that you can't edit, it let's you jump to the next space or punctuation character.

Strange. When I load, one of the food blocks grows to a weird size. I'd like to implement mouse click so that I can select objects to get their properties.

Strange. Sometimes I feel a bit lost about what to do next. Getting the population up and running is my top priority at the moment.

Brain Storm
+ demo the simulation and writing each week
+ explore Bullet Physics demos
+ create a button to add more food
+ create a button to add more robots
+ color robots of different genders differently
+ color robots of different ages differently
+ energy drain as a function of time rather than steps
+ saving every x minutes rather than x steps
+ rate of food as a function of time rather than steps
+ display keyboard controls
+ implement a graphical user interface

App All Bullet
+ Basic
+ Ccd Physics
+ Concave
+ Concave Convex Cast
+ Concave Moving
+ Constraint
+ Convex Decomposition
+ Dynamic Control
+ Fork Lift
+ Memory Leak Checker
+ Ragdoll
+ Soft Body Aero
+ Soft Body Cloth Attach
+ Soft Body Cluster Car
+ Soft Body Cluster Collide 1
+ Soft Body Cluster Combine
+ Soft Body Cluster Hinge
+ Soft Body Cluster Robot
+ Soft Body Cluster Stack Mixed
+ Soft Body Collide
+ Soft Body Collide 2
+ Soft Body Friction
+ Soft Body Init Cutting
+ Soft Body Pressure
+ Soft Body Ropes Attach
+ Soft Body Sticks
+ Soft Body Tet Gen Tetrahedral Cube
+ Soft Body Tet Gen Tetrahedral Bunny
+ Soft Cloth

Not part of App All Bullet, I could be mistaken
+ Benchmarks
+ Box 2D
+ Bsp
+ Bullet Dino (not working)
+ Cell Spu (not working)
+ Character
+ Collision
+ ConvexHull Distance (not working)
+ Cuda (not working)
+ Double Precision
+ EPA Pen Depth (not working)
+ Generic Joint
+ G impact Test (not working)
+ Gjk Convex Cast
+ Gpu 2D (not working)
+ Gpu 3D (not working)
+ Height Field Fluid
+ Hello World
+ Internal Edge
+ Mini CL Vector Add
+ Moving Concave
+ Multi Material
+ Multi Threaded
+ Open PL (not working)
+ Ray tracer
+ Serializer
+ Simplex
+ Slider Constraint
+ Soft
+ Terrain (not working)
+ User Collision
+ Vehicle


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