Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Developer Journal 98

For some reason I forgot to do BOOST_CLASS_VERSION( SimData, 1 ) when I modified SimData to serialize additional variables. I was so sure that I had done it.

I had to create a function to set those variables again at run time and then save again.

Also, strangely, the program doesn't seem to pause properly when I continue on from after loading. Actually I think it is. There's probably something stage with the graphics engine when you remove view ports.

The robots are moving too quickly and jerkily. I'm going to have to double check what's going on there.

I'm changing maxSubSteps from 60 back to the default of 1.

btDynamicsWorld::stepSimulation( timeStep, maxSubSteps, fixedStep )

Much better I think.

I'm thinking of setting timeStep to a constant. I think it means that the simulation might slow down in real time when things get intensive but that's okay.

I also have to adjust things like metabolism so that the robots are a little less robust.

The jerking around was probably due to the physics system trying to cope with a slower frame rate by making larger movements to get close to real time. Or I could be completely wrong!


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