Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Developer Journal 99

I left the simulation running overnight and all of the robots had died away. I suspect that the cause was due to too much food falling off the world and no more food spawning because the upper limit had been reached. I'll need to bring back food that has fallen off the world.

I also need to prevent unnecessary saving and to remove unnecessary save files.
Since 110610-1716 (27 MB) there have been 872 additional save files totaling 5.5 GB.

Deleting 773 files of size 6.12 KB from 110614-2114 to 110615-1636.

Deleting 44 files of size 354 KB from 110614-1956 to 110614-2111.

Deleting any files that have duplicate sizes and only leaving the first one of each size.

Resuming from 110614-1855 (49 MB). The subsequent file, 110614-1925 (14 MB), probably has a lot of robots that have died off.

The population will probably die off because the food has fallen off the ground.

There are also a number of variables in class Robot that I don't seem to be serializing. The following is a print out that occurs when a robot dies.

id: 0
age: 0
energy: -0.0223296
maxEnergy: 16384
birthEnergy: 500
birthEnergy / maxEnergyCost: inf
energyGain: 13312
numEat: 26
numMate: 0
travel: 0
travelOrigin: 0
maxEnergyCost: 0
numCrossoverPoint: 2 0 ): 1 1 ): 6
minEnergyStat: -0.00132704
maxEnergyStat: -0.00132704
avgEnergyStat: 0
minEatStat: -0.00132704
maxEatStat: -0.00132704
avgEatStat: 0
minMateStat: -0.00132704
maxMateStat: -0.00132704
avgMateStat: 0
minSpeedStat: -0.00132704
maxSpeedStat: -0.00132704
avgSpeedStat: 0
numTouchFood: -1163005939
numTouchAgent: -1162998776
numFood: 12
totFoodEnergy: 11642.5

I forgot to increment age. I'll fix up the rest tomorrow.


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