Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Developer Journal 109

I realised as I was driving to uni that I forgot to change the food upper limit back from 0 to 16 when I left uni yesterday. The population died out as expected. I've also got a population going strong at home.

I spent the day formatting and studying the Bullet Physics rag doll code. I made the mass of all the body parts infinite except the right lower arm so I can see the body standing upright and do my experiments.

Strange. When I'm not at work, I want to be at work. When I'm at work, I don't want to be at work. Lately I've been having trouble being interested and making progress.

Some topics I need to study further
  • math
  • physics
  • memory
  • client, server
  • ogre
  • pragmatic version control with svn
  • game engine
  • tools
  • gui
  • database
  • anatomy
  • neurology
  • scripting
  • open source
How long are limbs on average? How heavy? How much force can they generate? Argh!

Some books I'm thinking of working through.
  • Game Scripting Mastery (Varanese, 2003)
  • Graphics Programming Black Book (Abrash, 1997)
  • Programming Multi-Player Games (Mulholland & Hakala, 2004)
  • Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX 8.0 (Adams, 2002)
  • Software Engineering and Computer Games (Rucker, 2002)
  • Strategy Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 (Barron, 2003)
Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX 8.0 (Adams, 2002) is a book I studied a long time ago to learn how to make games. It was too advanced for me at the time and I moved on to other technologies.

The part I'm having trouble with at the moment is putting the non-engine parts together.


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