Thursday, 13 October 2011

Developer Journal 124

Yah! I finished the introducing the gender condition. It took me a lot longer than I expected. I have to get a whole bunch of assignment marking done. I've got a lot of experiments I can run while I mark. At the same time I'd like to get the maturation condition done as well.

I'd also like to figure out how to make the code easier to work with. Things are all over the place.

Grr. I had to do a bunch of extra work to get my memory tracking code to work with Boost Serialization. When Boost Serialization loads, I have to manually register the object because I don't know how to get Boost Serialization to use my New() function that wraps around the "new" operator.

Time to test whether my changes are compatible with my ongoing save files.

Running one experiment where I suddenly introduce gender to an ongoing population. On another computer I'm gradually introducing gender.

Sigh. I think my memory tracking code is making the load process take too long. Loading a file with 128 to 256 robots takes about 10 minutes normally.

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