Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Developer Journal 123

Grr. Lot's of assignment marking today. I'm going to finish the gender constraint so that I can run the simulations in the background.

I got the following error message that took me a while to fix.

-*- mode: compilation; default-directory: "~/polyworld/" -*-
Compilation started at Wed Oct 12 14:53:54

Scanning dependencies of target OgreApp
[  2%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/OgreApp.dir/app/Serializer.cpp.obj
In file included from D:\agi\dep\boost_1_44_0/boost/serialization/static_warning.hpp:73:0,
                 from D:\agi\dep\boost_1_44_0/boost/serialization/export.hpp:38,
                 from D:\agi\polyworld\app\Serializer.cpp:10:
D:\agi\dep\boost_1_44_0/boost/mpl/print.hpp: In instantiation of 'boost::mpl::print< boost::serialization::boost_serialization_static_warning_line< 137> >':
D:\agi\dep\boost_1_44_0/boost/serialization/static_warning.hpp:92:13:   instantiated from 'boost::serialization::static_warning_test< false, 137="">'
D:\agi\dep\boost_1_44_0/boost/serialization/export.hpp:137:1:   instantiated from 'const boost::archive::detail::< unnamed>::guid_initializer< t>& boost::archive::detail::< unnamed>::guid_initializer< t>::export_guid() const [with T = World, boost::archive::detail::< unnamed>::guid_initializer< t> = boost::archive::detail::< unnamed>::guid_initializer< world>]'
D:\agi\polyworld\app\Serializer.cpp:60:1:   instantiated from here
D:\agi\dep\boost_1_44_0/boost/mpl/print.hpp:55:5: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions

< /world>< /unnamed>< /t>< /unnamed>< /t>< /unnamed>< /t>< /unnamed>< /false,>< /boost::serialization::boost_serialization_static_warning_line< 137>< 

The clue was T = World. I forgot to make the destructor virtual. Oh Boost Serialization, oh how I love and hate thee.

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