Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Augmented Reality

The following is a video from the show, "Beyond Tomorrow" on augmented reality (AR).

Thanks go to Rekov on youtube for putting the video up.

Aside from artificial intelligence, I have a strong interest in augmented reality. One of the things that have motivated me is the idea of creating adventures that we can all go on together. I have always had a strong interest in interactive entertainment (IE) but I have wanted a way to tie in the physical aspect.

Imagine playing a first person shooter but actually running around, ducking, jumping, strafing and leaning. I know that there are similar experiences available such as laser tag but this is a lot less satisfying.

That I am not using body as I participate in IE annoys me. AR games, designed in a way to push players to improve their strength, stamina, speed, agility and flexibility appeals to me immensely. Imagine gamers becoming increasingly physically fit as they enjoy their beloved pastime.

My idea at the moment, when I'm not doing AI research is to develop a simple AR prototype involving, laptops and usb cameras. See through head mounted displays (HMD) are expensive, starting at about $2500 Australian dollars. I want to try and pitch increasingly sophisticated IE displays to my university and to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) at Federation Square, Melbourne.


  1. Hi Nguyen, My name is Ernesto. It's satisfying to see people interested in the evolving field of AR. At this moment I'm a researcher at the University of informatics Sciences in Cuba ( I'm doing my master thesis related to applications using augmented reality. Any sugestion/question will be welcome.


  2. Hi Ernesto!

    Thanks for leaving a message. It's always a pleasure to meet people researching augmented reality. How's your research going? What sorts of applications are you focusing on? Are you doing some development as well?

    I've got more questions than suggestions at this stage :)