Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Jeff Hawkins on Artificial Intelligence

I've been watching a presentation by Jeff Hawkins at a conference, RSA 2008. There's a lot of great ideas here. I find I like to watch a presentation for a few minutes each morning as part of my ritual for starting work.

Hawkins' ideas about the importance of time and space resonate strongly with my own ideas. I would add that embodied interaction would add to the ideas here. Hubert Dreyfus, Rodney Brooks and Rolf Pfefier all talk about the importance about engaging in life process to guide interaction with the world and to guide intelligence development.

Hawkins advocates training his system on data such as financial data. The problem is that this data is already pre-processed by a human being and it has too because there are so many gaps in the system knowledge. The approach I advocate is getting the system to engage in a form of life to acquire the basic concepts which we take for granted but which we need to learn more sophisticated concepts. Simple concepts such as grouping, bigger, smaller, direction and so on.

Thanks go to pebre79 on youtube for putting the videos up.

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Part 5 of 5

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